Alabama Survival Schools

Alabama Survival Schools list.

Vinco Group, LLC

Richard M. Castro
3939 Rucker Blvd
Enterprise, AL 36330

Randall’s Adventure & Training

Instructor: Mike Perrin & Jeff Randall
Location: AL, CA, South America
Description: Randall’s Adventure and Training conducts training operations both in Latin America and the United States. Our Latin American operations employ indigenous guides, instructors, foreign government and military personnel. All students should be aware that our training is real and not “watered down.” If you are squeamish, politically correct, lack a sense of humor, or have a problem with reality and adverse conditions, then you would be better off finding another organization to train with.

The Southern Herbalist

Instructor: Darryl Patton
Location: Gadsden, Alabama
Description: Darryl operates a school in the mountains of North Alabama where he teaches a wide range of classes; wilderness survival, primitive skills, medicinal plants and more. He has decades of experience teaching since the 1980’s when got out of the Army. For those seeking to further their knowledge in the world of herbs and alternative medicine, he also offers one-on-one apprenticeships. His book, Mountain Medicine: The Herbal Remedies of Tommie Bass, can be found in our Literature section.