Is Homesteading for you?

Is Homesteading for you?

“Is Homesteading for me?” If you are asking yourself this question, you should first get familiar with, and make part of your life, the following principles.

Homesteading1. Be proactive. The bulk of Homesteading work consists of working now on stuff that you will need way later down the road.  Unfortunately, that is the opposite of the instant gratification that has been the mainstay of the American Dream for decades.  Is that something that you can get behind? Can you spend an exhausting, grueling day mowing grass so that your goat has something to eat 6 months later? Or will it be easier to just buy the goat some oats when the time comes?

2. Don’t be squeamish.  Homesteading most of the time means farming, and farming (if you want meat) means raising animals. And in order for a cow to make the transition from a not-so-bright entity that goes “mooooo”, to delicious steak, several things must happen: you need to kill, skin, gut, clean, and butcher the animal. This may possibly involve the use of a gun, knife, cleaver, axe (for bones), and possibly more. It may be difficult if you are the type of person who names her cows “Pumpkin”, “Sweet-Pea” or “Sugarplum”…

More principles to come…