Long Lasting Emergency Candle

Emergency Candle from Crisco Shortening

You can make an emergency candle from a can of Crisco Shortening.

Today we’ll learn how to make an Emergency Candle.How often do we long for products that perform exactly as advertised and are of good quality? How often do we wish that candles would last longer? Especially during power outages, or even in emergency situations, we only have light as long as we have candles, and often times we don’t have a lot of those. Today, I will introduce you to an Emergency Candle that is really long lasting, one that you can make very cheaply. There are many descriptions online on how to accomplish this, however, here I will show you some bonus items that you might find useful… read on:

To summarize the next steps – we’ll take a can of Crisco Shortening and create a 4 wick candle out of it.
I’ve increased the number of wicks to 4, so that the candle can be more useful as a light source, and even be used for cooking in a pinch. It’s all about versitility!

Let’s take a can of Crisco Shortening and open it.

  • For wicks, you can take 4 lengths of cotton string, just make sure that they are about half of an inch taller than the height of the can.
  • If you don’t have string, you can use tightly rolled up paper, or anything that will absorb grease. Even a strip of a cotton T-shirt will do. Don’t use anything nylon or polyester based (and all other artifficial fiber stuff), since that type of cloth will not absorb grease and gives off toxic fumes when burning.
  • Use a pen or pencil to push 4 holes in the shortening that your wicks will go into. Make sure that the holes are far enough apart that they will not catch flame from each other, so at least an inch.
  • Take some of the shortening and soak or rub them in grease to make sure that they are thoroughly permeated.
  • Place the wicks into the holes you’ve pushed in the shortening and collapse the shortening around them.
  • That’s it! Now you have a long lasting variable flame candle that you can use for more than just light.


  • Before doing any of the above, you can transfer the shortening to a glass jar, that way, the flames will not be obscured by the sides of the can and will give off more light.
  • Also, if you place a mirror or alluminium foil behind your new candle, you can increase the amount of light it gives off.