Survival Fishing Equipment

Survival Fishing Equipment

Store bought variety

Like any survival gear, your survival fishing equipment – store bought variety should satisfy some common sense requirements:

  • Portability – your fishing rod should be collapsible, since the idea is that you will make it part of your kit.
  • Durability – it should be of sufficient quality, so that it lasts you for a long while. If it doesn’t look like it will last you several years, then it probably won’t. Make sure that you are not buying a gimmicky, sparkly rod for kids. Your best choice is not something pretty, but rather comes from a time tested company that has made it their business to produce quality fishing gear.


Although this is not intended as a product review, I will express my opinion about two kinds of fishing rods, not to sway your mind towards one or the other, but rather to shed some common-sense light on the point of survival fishing.

There is a difference between fishing to fill your belly and fishing for its entertainment value. In the case of the latter, you can feel free to indulge in whatver fancies you want. However, if your goal is to eat at the end of the fishing escapade, then, in my opinion, you don’t want fish to have any sporting chance. Consider this: the “pen” rod needs to be in your hand on the bank of the river or lake, taking up time that is simply not free. The idea is to be able to leave the rod unattended while you set traps, forrage for berries or even sleep. The collapsible rod will allow you to do that. True, it takes up more precious space in your backpack, but the fact that you can leave it alone to do other tasks makes it priceless.




Here’s an important concept. Do what you can to make as many tasks passive as you can, such as:

  • setting traps vs. hunting
  • absentee fishing vs. fishing actively
  • rafting downstream vs. walking on the bank


Improvised fishing equipment takes time and energy to prepare. It will be many hours before you are able to fashion a pole, a line and a decent hook. Chances are that you will have to scavenge for some of the components, like the fishing line, since nature doesn’t offer too much in the way of a nylon line of proper length. Ways to improvise a line will be covered here nevertheless (at a future date).

  • fishing pole
  • rod
  • hook
  • line
  • sinker
  • bobber
  • spear