Survival Multitool

Survival Multitool

Your Survival Multitool

The thing about a survival multitool is that they are the “jack of all trade” tool. Their job is to to relieve you of the burdensome, full size, conventional tools.They usually contain an assortment of small version of tools that, by themselves, would be too bulky to carry. The problem that comes with versitility is that it cannot do any job extremely well. At best, they perform at the “average” level. But average is all we need most of the time.

Survival Multitools are designed to be lightweight, compact and useful for the many situations that arise when we are out in the wildernss. Choosing one is a challenge, because you have to cut through a maddening variety of 17000 multitools, whose purpose can range anywhere from golf-related to electrical, so we’ve compiled a list based on usefullness of multitools for wilderness survival and customer reviews.

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